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 Welcome to my house of paper ...

Since 1994, I have gradually covered walls, ceilings, furniture, appliances, even two floors (kitchen and bedroom) with my own hand painted paper. My process is similar to papier mache, but using stronger bonding materials.

There are many reasons to choose this technique. It provides unparalleled personal decor without renovating or buying new stuff. Many nasty things usually found in an older home are instantly covered ... nail holes, trim gaps, ugly wallpaper, plywood panelling and white office ceiling tiles.

Also, I have discovered over the years that this finish is preferable to a regular paint job. A soft, water-color texture is easy to achieve. My paper is clean and non toxic to apply. It doesn't ever chip and cleans easily with a damp cloth.

Check The Gallery to see some samples ...

About Rene ...

Rene is one of those rare individuals who knew what she wanted very early in life.

She also had the talent and gumption to follow her own path and live the life she wanted.

Her early inspirations were performing folk music and creating unique Batik pieces. Later in life - after experimenting with alternate techniques - she developed her hand painted paper coverings which can be used to totally decorate every area in you living space ... except the fire place :) An artist in the truest sense.

.....  Bill k